What we believe in

REST is a community space where anyone struggling with mental health issues can find the help, care, and understanding they need

What we do

Based in the heart of your community, we give you the knowledge, tools, and a safe space in which to start building your own recovery. By working together, we know that recovery is within your reach.

What we value


REST gives you direct access to a number of professional care services and a wide network of community support. We can help you to learn how to better understand what’s happening, and why you feel like you do, helping put you on the path to recovery.


At REST you’ll be empowered to live your best life. You’ll develop a greater understanding of your own mental health and the tools you need to move forward.


We’re here for anyone struggling with their mental health, from individuals managing a life-long health condition to those in a current crisis. REST is a safe, non-clinical, learning space where you can share your thoughts without judgement.


We welcome you to REST, a calm and comforting space for everyone in our community. You’ll soon come to realise you’re far from alone.

We are working with people with lived experience of mental health issues to further develop our values and how we will apply them to everything we do.