An introduction to CHIME

CHIME is the approach we use to mental health recovery – here’s what it involves

What do we mean by ‘recovery’?

At REST, we’re here to support you with your recovery. Recovery doesn’t mean you’ll be ‘cured’ of your mental health problems and never have any symptoms again. Rather, it means that you will have the tools to live well most of the time, connecting with friends, managing work and/or caring responsibilities, and making key decisions about your life for yourself.

CHIME: a holistic approach to recovery

We use an approach called CHIME which stands for Connection, Hope, Identity, Meaning, Empowerment. This approach acknowledges that we are all different and have different things that are important to us, but there are common ways that we can approach our interactions with the people, places, and things in our lives that will help us to cope with daily life and see a positive future ahead.